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Transit Benefit Changes

  • TranServe is rolling out new transit benefit accumulation rules  affecting transit riders as well as commuter bus and vanpool riders nationwide in order to comply with OMB regulations. 
  • Please note that Some independent vanpool operators may NOT be willing to participate in the program.  This decision will vary by operator and mainly has to do with cost containment.  Large third-party vanpool providers such as VPSI and Enterprise are already participating.
    1. Some independent operators are claiming they will just drop their TranServe riders.
    2. This program began this month and does not affect all federal government  agencies, just those served by TranServe.   Agencies participating in WMATA’s SmartBenefits® program can work directly with the transit service provider to identify accumulation of any commuter benefits.
  • Here is a link to the bulletin: TSB Bulletin PDF.

Attached are two USDOT documents explaining the new program.